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Hi everyone! *waves* I'm new to the community and to TV broadcasting in general - and I need HELP!

Please don't hurt me - but I'm posting to ask a question. I'm the IT Asst. Manager where I work and my boss (who controls IT and CCTV) just told me that he wants to rewire the cable to our 1000+ TVs and while he's thinking about it... He wants me to figure out a way to control the channel and sound on these TVs from our control room. (We currently have someone run around with a remote in hand) I've been surfing and googling all day, but the problem is that I just don't have enough (or any) TV/broadcasting background to even know where to begin. Can someone help me? I don't necessarily want companies, but even just the hardware/software I would need. I'd greatly appreciate a jumping-off point.

If anyone is upset that I posted here, please just respond and I will gladly remove the post. Otherwise I might be posting in the future, if I'm right and my boss wants me to do both IT AND CCTV this winter, for help or mentoring - or to blow off some steam!
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