I am nobody (achernow) wrote in tvbiz,
I am nobody

new community

A friend of mine (deadsexyjammy) started a new community...

katrinarelief is a new community hoping to aid in the grassroots efforts to help the victims of hurricane katrina.

The goal of this community is to connect people that want to help out, but aren't sure what to do. The group will be a source for information about the various organizations that are currently engaged in relief efforts, as well as a forum for the sharing of ideas about how private citizens can get involved. If you are a part of any local efforts to get aid down to the affected areas, please join this community.

It is important that we all band together to help the people of the Gulf Coast area to begin to rebuild their lives. It may take years, but each small step helps.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the maintainers at: gulfcoastaid@gmail.com

Feel free to pass this on to anyone that may be interested.

Thought I'd pass it on.


(xposted all over LJ)
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