Axey Moskevyu (moskevyu) wrote in tvbiz,
Axey Moskevyu

DirecTV Frustration

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I am posting out of frustration and was wondering if someone could clarify something for me.

Over the past couple of years, I have applied for several Broadcast Operations Center openings with DirecTV. Each time they've advertised an opening, they asked people to apply via their online applications process. What frustrates me is no one seems to get the application. I'm experienced enough. I certainly meet the qualifications for these jobs, but no one ever contacts me. What bugs me even more, is they consistantly relist some of these jobs on a continual 4-6 week cycle. To me, that means they haven't gotten enough responses? Am I right?

Is there a trick to getting my info to HR? Is there a keyword I need to add that gets their attention? Is there a fax number to send backup paper resume? I have no intention of bothering people. It's even fine if they don't think I qualify after all, but I'd like to know I'm actually getting through. I really don't think the present method is getting me there.

BTW - I'm talking about DirecTV's Op Center in Castle Rock, Colorado.
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Maybe they are hiring internally, and they must post the job externally in order to meet some legal or ethical requirement. That might be a reason you never hear from them. Though that doesn't explain why the job is repeatedly posted. Have you tried calling their HR department? Do you know anyone who works there who can give you more inside info?
No. There's no way to get the number for HR. Every number I've been given routes me to customer service and they're not going to know anything.